Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilt swap quilts

Having now sorted out who's getting what in the ALQS6, I got to thinking (in light of having no idea where on earth I will hang another quilt in my house!) about all the quilts I have already up (and a few not on display) from swaps - both big, organised ones like this one, and private ones. So, I thought I'd show some of them over the next few days on my blog... The quilt above is, I think, the very first one I got in a swap - it was with the now defunct yahoo group QuiltSwap. I swapped with this group twice - the first time, in 2006, I made a quilt called Sunset on Another Planet, and received the quilt above. It hangs in my bedroom.

The second time, Quiltswap4 in 2007, I made a Sheer Pocket Quilt and received the flowers above. This also hangs in my bedroom, on my closet door. This group is where I took my inspiration for the revised swapping method of my own ALQS series of swaps - after round two created a lot of headaches for me with late, missing and inconsistent quality pieces.

Another early swapping series I took part in was Margaret's Four Seasons Quilt Swap. I missed the first round, which had an autumn theme, and joined in at the second round, Winter (Dec 2007), for which I made this snowflake quilt and received a red and white winter quilt from Jen in Finland, which is actually on display in my house on a small table, but I forgot to photograph it and can't be bothered to go back upstairs. You can see it here.

For the next round, Spring, I made this piece (I seem not to have photographed it with the binding actually finished) and received a piece called Watch My Garden Grow, which I don't have on display because it's a bit too big and doesn't really fit anywhere sensible in my house.

In the Summer round, I made a quilt with teacups and flowers - very English summer! - and received this lovely summer dress, which hangs in my sewing room at the moment. My sewing room is not big, and it's hard to photograph all the quilts on the wall in there because you can't get back from them very far!

You might think that was all the seasons, but Margaret did a 5th round, which was slightly different - it was seasonal and monochromatic, so we all picked a season and a colour and the quilts were made to that spec. The quilt I received was this lovely one, from Liliane in Luxemburg:

As you might have guessed, I picked Autumn and brown. This quilt hangs on the door to my sewing room. My upstairs hallway has 5 doors that lead off it, and they all have quilts hanging on them!

The quilt I made was for someone in Australia (I think - hard to remember that long ago!) who specified winter and blue.

And finally, Margaret ran one last round of this swap - a holiday edition in 2009 - for which I made a log cabin Christmas tree quilt and received this Christmas Tree in return. This one is not on show for obvious reasons, though it does come out at Christmas!

There are lots more, so stay tuned!


Lynne said...

What a lovely collection of quilts and memories.

I love the way you run your swap; it seems so practical and sensible.

Needled Mom said...

What fun swaps you have participated in. I loved seeing all the quilts.

Anonymous said...

I miss my mini-swapping days... (maybe I don't miss all the administrative mumbo-jumbo, but the variety of quilts was fun). Now I contemplate how I'd ever find time to finish a mini?! Nice display~


Cindy Is Crafty said...

That first quilt is AWEWSOME!!!