Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes, more quilts...

Here are a few more of the many quilts around my house. Yes, my entire house IS covered in quilts (and what's wrong with that?).

This piece is from a private swap that I did with Andrea, for our 40th birthdays, which were near one another a few years back. I made a blue and yellow quilt for her, which you can see over here.

This beach hut piece is not so much a swap as a challenge - it was a UFO challenge with the Textile Arts group, where we swapped small unfinished UFOs in the hopes that whatever was stuck would come unstuck, etc. I sent off the beach hut piece, which looked like this at the time (scroll to the bottom of the post), and got something completely different to work on - I've linked to all the posts about it because I think it's an interesting process to see... I love the finished beach huts and it hangs in my kitchen (but not too close to all the grease and grime generated by cooking!).

I've been trying to remember exactly where this piece was from - I think it was another Textile Challenges piece, but it's possible it was from somewhere else. I know it has a label on the back, but it's actually stuck to my wall with blue-tak, and I don't want to pull it off, as it will probably take some paint with it. Anyway, doesn't matter, it's a nice piece wherever it came from!

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Needled Mom said...

Gosh...all of the quilts look wonderful. I can see why your house is covered with them.