Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bags & Apron

Finally got a chance for a little more sewing - it's been incredibly busy this month - so first on the list was to finish off the stuff I'd offered to put together for the library's fundraiser Summer Fair - two more bags and an apron - all from material which was pre-cut - it was just a matter of assembly. I did manage to do one other thing, which I'll show later in the week - doesn't feel like much, though!  The one bad thing about being away all summer will be lack of sewing time - my mother does have a machine, but of course I won't have access to a lot of stuff, either, so I probably won't sew much. Might make some ATCs, of course...

Just seen this in an email - thought I'd share it - I hope they do well - fun to have a photo of the quilt on the poster!

"Tickets for the raffle are available now – the first prize is a fabulous handmade baby's patchwork quilt. Ask at the library for purchase details (50p each or £1 for three). "

Summer Fair (poster)

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