Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cross-stitch update

So, this week I finished off the 7th installment of the bird piece - I reckon there's one more installment on the top of the branch - so I'm guessing the next one will be the top right hand corner of the piece - then after that, four on the bottom.  I could be wrong; I guess we'll find out before long.  There are a number of little buttons to add as well, but I'm doing them all at the end, as it makes frame placement while I'm stitching easier not to have them on the piece.

Once this was finished, I started one of my little sheep...

This is "Peace".  Technically, it's not the first of them, but I didn't really feel like stitching a snowflake just now, so I didn't start with hope. You can see the six which have been released so far, on the Little House website. I have four of these patterns in hand, and will receive the others on a monthly basis - I'm hoping to catch up with the installments before too long - they are quite small and quick to sew.   I actually took this sheep with me to start while I was queuing to get into a rock concert on Saturday (The Killers at Wembley) but I didn't get a lot done because it was quite windy and therefore hard to work. Maybe half a sheep or so.  But the rest is just two evenings' work, so you can see how quickly it goes.  Next week, back to the Irises, and then I'll finish off the sheep and perhaps start something new (or another sheep - we'll see...)


Plum Cox said...

Both stitcheries lovely - but I particularly like your jazzy birds!

Julierose said...

Little birdies stitchery is lovely hugs, Julierose