Saturday, June 29, 2013

More from the Cotton Robin

Well, I showed you the finished piece I got back from this year's Cotton Robin round robin, but now that the Big Reveal has happened, I can also show the bits I worked on which I couldn't show at the time. 

Above is the block I sent out originally. I didn't think about the fact that it was an "A" until I got the finished piece back - I just saw it as three crossing lines/extended triangle. But as I mentioned the other, I've solved that issue by hanging it the other way up, so it doesn't look like an "A" (it looks like an upside down A...).

This is the first piece I received to work on - this is Catherine's block. My job here was to add the first border. Although there was no strict restriction on how big a border I could add, I knew the piece would get a second border, and there is an overall size restriction, so I wanted to leave space for the next person to work. 

So I added some rays coming out from the centre of the block, using the oriental print which came with the block. I tried to use some of the diagonal lines in the centre piece. Then I added some wavy pieces to suggest water, which I thought went with the fish.  I then sent it along to the next person who added another border before sending it to the person who quilted it. 

And here's what it looks like all quilted!  It's amazing how these things grow and change, I think.

The next piece I received wasn't simply a centre (though this is what it looked like before the addition of the first border) but I forgot to take a photo of it as it was when I received it. 

What I received was everything within the small black border. I only added to three sides of this - I added the stripes radiating out from the centre and the peaky bits across the top on the black background (and the little squares in green and gold to echo the red ones in the centre).  I then sent it off to Julie to be quilted. 

And here's what she did with it - I think it works very well. It's possibly my very favourite quilt in the entire round robin. (Don't get me wrong - I am plenty fond of my own piece!)

And finally, the piece which I quilted - here's how it started out.  Sophie then added some lovely applique flowers and vines and the next person added the outside border. 

It took me a while to decide how to quilt it, but in the end, I started with the applique. I went around those flowers, used that same shape in the centre and the corners, and then echoed the vines. Then, in the four light triangle sections in the middle I quilted a simple flower with tall leaves and did the same in the borders, though the leaves are a bit different in the border. 

It's good fun to work on such a variety of things, most of which, not like what I'd make for myself - challenging sometimes, but also good for your development as a quilter - making you think outside your own box!  I enjoy taking part in this round robin and look forward to a new round perhaps next year...


Needled Mom said...

I love the concept and the fabulous results. It must be really fun to see how these pieces develop as they travel to the different homes.

Jay said...

Great job on all the quilts you worked on! Mine has finally been found but I don't have it yet; when I do, I will show all my steps on my blog also...good idea!!

Marie said...

That would be my beautiful quilt that you quilted!! Excellent job - I love all the effort put into all the steps of this round robin but the quilting is definitely the perfect finishing touch!!

Thanks so much! Marie