Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring Sampler

Yes, I know it's not Wednesday, but I've finished the little Spring Sampler tonight, so thought I'd show it anyway. The leaves on the flowers definitely work better with a darker colour. I picked out the fence as well (you can hardly see it in the bottom photo) and redid it in a light brown so that it shows. I think the model was stitched on a darker fabric than mine is.  Tomorrow I will pull out the next installment of the Faith bird piece (on the pink fabric) and do some work on that - it's not a large piece, so it won't take too long to stitch up, though I shan't get it all done in one evening, so it will have to wait a while in rotation anyway... But I can make a start!


Lyndsey said...

That's a very pretty piece and the leaves and fence look much better being a darker colour.

Lynne said...

What a sweet design; I like your modifications.