Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some more ATCs worked on

I forgot to take a "before" shot of this one, so can't really do before/after, but the before was essentially the background - I added teh metallic strip and the metal charm.  These cards have only been worked on by two people now, and will be sent to a third player to complete.

These charming aliens came to me as heads on a background - forgot to photograph them before I worked on the first one - I've morphed them into Zetti style creatures, which I think works well, even though I don't consider Zetti to be my forte.

[Here's the before of two of them...]

And these three (again, forgot the "before" shot as I was thinking more of making the cards and less of blogging them) came to me as text background with the film strip ladies on them. I added the lettering and the charms.

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