Friday, June 14, 2013

A few backgrounds to add to!

June, for some reason, seems to be the month that everyone I know wants to visit London - our weekends are very busy.  Still, I'm hoping this weekend to have a little time to sew and craft - included to be able to add something to these backgrounds, which I've received in the post.  Luckily, working on a round robin ATC takes a little less time than (usually) than making one from scratch; as there are three people who work on it, you don't want to add too much, as you won't leave space for the following player. I am the second player on both of these sets of backgrounds, so I need to leave space for a third person to add something before the cards are complete (we each get one of the cards in the end - it's fun).  I'll probably try to make some backgrounds of my own to send out as well, but I guess that will depend on time. Watch this space!

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Needled Mom said...

I like that idea. It must be fun to see what becomes of them.