Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A pair of scrappy tops

Well, the blocks to them, at least - they aren't sewn together yet. These two small tops are based on a very simple block - a square made of a rectangle half the size of the square and two squares, each half the size of the rectangle (i.e. two 3" squares + one 3x5.5" rectangle = one 5.5" square - or of course, you can do it any size you like - 4" square, 4x7.5" rectangle; 5.5" square, 5.5x10" rectangle)

I was inspired by the June Block Lotto (but went off on a tangent, of course). I can't talk about the block lotto yet (but it doesn't use this pattern), but you will see tomorrow!

I decided that, to maintain a little control over the scrappy look, I'd keep to a single colour in a given block (though I have used lots of scraps which have other colours beside the dominant one, so it's still scrappy). Thus the blocks are pink, green, blue, etc from a distance - though there is still a lot of variation. It just keeps it under control a little is all.

Here's a closeup of the block unit.

A few more scrap sessions like this, and I'll be able to stop scrapbusting!


Sarah Craig said...

That's very pretty, Kate! What a neat scrappy idea!

Lynne said...

Very clever and not so difficult - even a novice (like me) could do it!

sophie said...

What a surprise ... I like it ;-) The monochrome block idea is cool, too.

McIrish Annie said...

ohhh, to be scrapless! what a dream! cute tops..