Thursday, May 12, 2011

Recent ATCs

These were for a Pick-a-Theme swap, which means that instead of a general theme for the whole swap, each player nominates a theme, and you make them a card for it. So instead of 3 or 4 cards to the same theme, you make one card each for 4 different themes...

Top one, theme was flower garden and below, artist's choice - but the person had listed flowers and butterflies as likes in her profile, so I went with another garden scene.

These were all fabric cards, as I signed up for a group using fabric/fibre media.

The purple card with red flower was a hostess card (fulfilling likes of both purple with a dash of red and flowers)

And the above one here, a Victorian theme. I went for something seasidey - Victorian being a little harder to render into fabric than some of the chosen themes. I used a pre-printed fabric sheet for this one.

Finally, a celestial theme - the moon and stars are done in organza on a dark blue background, stitched with gold thread, and then the excess removed with either scissors or a soldering iron - can't remember which I used this time.

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Lynne said...

I like them - I especially love the Victorian one!

Stupid question: what about the backs? I'm about to start my first (probably in paper and card)and don't know what's supposed to happen on the back! Duh!