Friday, May 27, 2011

Found Poetry

Another set of ATCs - these were for a "found poetry" swap, in a red/white/black theme. Found poetry, for those not familiar with the concept, is where you take a page or pages of text and use the words on the page to make up a small poem.

It's challenging, but fun.

I had a book about Chinese ways of happiness or something similar, which I found in a charity shop. The words and the backgrounds with the Chinese lettering came from there.


Lynne said...

That looks like fun and, I agree, challenging!

Vicki W said...

Those are very cool!

Tina said...

Dear artist.
My name is Tina Festa.
I am writing a book in Italian about Found Poetry.
I would be honoured if you accpet to partecipe in my book with your works.
This is my email
Tina Festa.