Friday, August 13, 2010

More SAHR update

Here are a few more round 2 updates for the Stay-at-Home Robin.

Barbara is working on two separate pieces, and has added to both of them:

Round two from Amo House:

Sue has decided to join us, so here are her round one and round two:

Lisa Jo has added to both of her pieces (be sure to check out her blog - she has reused an orphan block from another project for this month's round - excellent idea!):

And last but not least, Sarah has added a stripey section to her first block:

They are all coming along really well - I'm really looking forward to seeing them develop each month!


Fiesta said...

They all look great! I am already looking forward to round 3.

black bear cabin said...

i love all the wonderful color choices :) what fun! and welcome to the party Sue!

Quilter Kathy said...

How fun to see all the pieces growing! said...

Pretty Please, can I play this game too? I've been watching since Plum told me about this, and have finally got my act together and have made July and August's blocks ( so hope it's OK to join in.