Monday, August 23, 2010

ATC morning

So today, we just stayed around the house - well, Olivia was collected by her penpal to go do stuff and my mother had to teach her ceramics class in the afternoon, but the rest of us just stayed around. In the morning, Mom and I made some ATCs - I made two sets - first, some simple collages with waterfalls and flowers (the waterfall is from a calendar of waterfalls in New York State - not the one we just visited, but I still thought it very apropos...), then some slightly more complex ones with a background made from old pages from part of a German book found in some stuff of my dad's (it wasn't even a whole book, so I felt no qualms at all about tearing it up for art). I painted the paper with a little acrylic paint, water & glue, then added these 3D cardboard shapes and some words. I do love the backgrounds - will definitely do something like that again.

Normally my ATCs are very fabric based, but being away from my machine, I have been trying some alternatives, which is good for me, really.

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Vicki W said...

Those are very cool!