Friday, August 07, 2009

Rainbow mini

Not a lot of sewing accomplished today as the kids and I spent the day at the Rural Life Centre (I've blogged about this on the family blog for those interested), but I did have a chance this morning to put together a bunch of HSTs I made yesterday. These will be for the August BQL Challenge, and the resulting piece may also suit another swap I am signing up to, with a rainbow theme. Yes, I'm planning these things carefully to kill as many birds as possible with as few stones*. Tomorrow I hope to have a chance to quilt the little piece - shouldn't take long as it is only 12x14".

I also hope to have a chance to pin together a larger piece for quilting - I bought some more batting a while back so I don't really have any excuse for not quilting something this month - just have to decide what. I know I have a couple of things upstairs which actually have backing fabrics all ready - pieced together, even - so it will probably be one of those. I will no doubt show it tomorrow, once I have made the decision...

*no actual birds were harmed in the writing of this post :)

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