Monday, December 22, 2008

Un-Christmas pressies

Nothing of my own to show today as the kids and I spent the day up in town doing Christmassy stuff, but came home to several lovely parcels - which is fun. On the left, from Judy in Canada, my December arch - hard to photograph, but it has snowflakes on it - really lovely, and very seasonal (in theory, anyway - it was about 12 here today, I think!) - I have it up in the living room where it adds to the festive air. She also included a few bits and pieces - some fabric with a Canadian theme and a bag of buttons (yep, that does look like a moose!). Can't believe this arch swap is over - it was a great swap. I am still owed one arch which I know is done or nearly done and will be on the way before long, so I'll have one more to show. Might collect the photos up together just for fun...

On the right, a surprise package of stuff from Kandy, the list mom (she hates being called that!) on BQL, which I co-moderate. Totally unnecessary, but also very fun. I especially like the pink bird brooch - might have to attach it to my bag or something!

Tomorrow is a lazing around the house day (though a friend of Alex's is coming to play for a little while, so not sure how much lazing will be accomplished with two 5 YO boys around) so I might actually sew. I know, I know, don't go dying of shock on me!

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Margarita Korioth said...

Just to drop a line to wish "Felices Fiestas" Happy Holidays from Florida!!