Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent - Day 11

Can't believe we are onto the third row of the calendar already - where does the time go? This father Christmas (whose face looks a little less washed out in person) was chosen this morning by Olivia (I think) - Sarah's turn tomorrow, she informs me.
Several people have asked about the size of these pieces - the central picture in each block (i.e. before the green border) is 3" (7.5cm) - the border brings them up to between 3.75" and 4", depending on how accurately I sewed them... So they are pretty small. Most of them weren't that hard to paper-piece, but a few of them do have VERY small pieces - for instance the stockings hung by the fire. The first year I had the calendar I made 25 pictures in about a month (actually, they weren't all done before the first of December - but that was ok, as I didn't need all 25 by then!) - needless to say, I worked on little else. In subsequent years, I think I've made one piece - I now have 28, so that seems about right. I'd like to make one this year, not sure I will have time. I'd like to add something English, like perhaps a cracker (some of these pictures are North American-centric - the pattern is Canadian I think - which isn't a problem, but it would be fun to have some English stuff, too). Somewhere upstairs (probably with the bits of spare fabric in the fabrics I've used on the calendar - I have a list of ideas for blocks...

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