Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent - Day 7

Alex's choice this morning as we were the only two people up. Not sure why he wanted the apple instead of something like chocolate (ok, no chocolate on this calendar and the candy cane was already up) but who am I to quibble with healthy choices?

And here's a cross-stitch update for the week - I did a bit more on the green skirt (I stopped where I did because that's where it goes onto the other page, and I didn't feel like turning back and forth) and began on the red dress of the centre angel. I also did a lot of backstitching on the blue angel around the face and neck - you can tell a little in these photos; it's much more apparent up close.
I also have been doing a little more quilting on the border of the diamond quilt - but it's not that exciting to show. Hopefully it will be done before too much longer. I'd like to get it finished and bound to give to her via my friend Caroline before Christmas. So no pressure then!


Pat said...

I am really loving this Advent calendar you have. I hope you'll show us the photos right up until the last piece is in place!

Angelcat said...

You've made great progress on the cross stitch. I'm supposed to be back to mine this week but it's such a crazy time of year I'm not very hopeful that it will see much time being spent on it!