Monday, December 29, 2008

Some scrappy work

I started out today with the intention to run a few errands and then work on making this top (made a while back from block lotto winnings) into a baby quilt for my new nephew (for those of you wondering just who had a baby, technically, he isn't my nephew. He's the new son of my former step-brother Robert and his wife, but hey, even in today's world, calling someone an ex-step-nephew is just plain silly...) who was born on Christmas Day, but I got sidetracked, because when I went to see if I had a piece of batting the right size for a small quilt I realised that apart from a few leftover samples (i.e. 20x20" or so) I am totally out of batting. This hasn't happened in years, as I have been living down the road from a longarm quilter, who keeps rolls of it on hand, and sells to me at cost whenever I need it. As some of you will be aware, she moved to India for a few years, and off went my source of batting! How dare she!

Anyway, so the point of this is, I had to make a trip to my LQS today to get some batting, for the first time in probably about 6 years. I ended up with a full size batting, despite needing only enough for a cot quilt because a) she didn't have any cot sized ones in the 80/20 I like and b)I can always use it anyway. While there, I resisted nearly all the fabric in their yearly sale, but decided to grab this snowman fabric for the back of the baby quilt - it's cute, and as he's a Christmas baby, it seemed appropriate. And a spool of bright, variegated thread, to quilt it. Somewhere, there's also a FQ with racing cars on it which the small boy chose, but I think it's gone off to his stash. (Yes, my 5YO son has a stash!

With all that, and trying to get through Kingston on the way home (the whole universe went out shopping today, apparently), I didn't really have time to quilt the baby quilt today after all. I had an hour this evening before dinner (leftovers, so no cooking) in which I finished sorting some scrap strips and stuff from my scrap basket (which was full again) and started making some blue string squares for another baby quilt. I have two friends who are expecting in the spring - at virtually the same time - I am going to make 3 baby quilts - one blue, one using florals from my Japanese taupe stash and one neutral - that will cover both babies and leave me with a spare. Anyway, here are 3 string blocks - more are in progress. I have an amazing number of blue scrap strings - I haven't even got into the strips which are 2.5" or more wide, yet...


floribunda said...

I think it's so cool that your son has his own stash! Has he done any sewing yet?

Pat said...

I have a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) basket with a lid that is totally full of strips...and I really need to do some strip blocks myself. Do you do yours on a foundation fabric or do you just attach the strips to each other with no backing foundation fabric? (I know some who use old dryer fabric softener sheets.)