Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Final Arch - and other stuff

Amazingly enough, I did have a little time to work today, between the morning school run and being back at school for lunchtime (then off to grocery shop after lunch, so nothing accomplished there, unless a coffee in Starbucks counts as an accomplishment, lol). Anyway, first order of business was this arch - the December one, and indeed The Last Arch. I've really enjoyed this swap - the arches have been great, both to make and to receive. If you want a quick reminder of some of them - I think a few of the received ones haven't made it onto the blog for whatever reason - click here. I should say that this arch is for Arlee, and yes, it IS somewhat intimidating to make something for someone who does such fabulous work.
I also made a Christmas themed ATC for our secret sister ATC swap on Textile Challenges - not very exciting, but I was pleased with the row of lights across the bottom. Forgot I had those embellishments!
And finally, a new block for my advent calendar - I mentioned earlier that I thought I'd do a Christmas cracker block - and lo! here it is. Yep, spent an hour this evening (perhaps not even that) making it and it's come out well if I do say so myself, except that I realised I bordered it with the wrong green fabric, so will have to take that off and redo it - luckily, I realised that before I quilted it! Anyway, I'll take the paper off the back tonight, and hopefully finish it up on the weekend - tomorrow is too much to hope for.


Vicki W said...

Your arch is beautiful!

arlee said...

*My* arch *is* beautiful :} Thank you Sweets!

black bear cabin said...

that arch is stunning...i love the colors! another fun swap youve must feel great to finish it up to free up space for another :)