Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something to show

And amazingly enough, I did get something accomplished today - I finished the quilting on Angela's quilt - and attached the binding (I still have to turn it, but I will do that in the evening this week - in fact, I've already done some tonight). This is good news, because I am seeing my friend Caroline on Friday evening (Angela is her sister) so I would like to take the quilt, finished, with me on that occasion - and it looks likely I will be able to do so. Whew.

I also finished up the cracker from the other day - so it's now in the pile of possible advent calendar pictures. And I'm pleased to have made a square this year despite the busy-ness of December. Tomorrow, no sewing, as it will be a Big Baking Day. The kids are looking forward to it - as am I, I admit.


Vicki W said...

I lvoe the diamond quilt!

Jean said...

The quilt is very pretty. I like your little cracker too!