Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring is like a perhaps hand

A challenge on the Art Quilt Forum on was to create a quilt inspired by a piece of literature. I was thinking about joining this challenge, and suddenly started thinking about e.e.cummings poems, in particular the one about spring (perhaps I'm just ready for spring!). The poem I had in mind is called Spring is like a perhaps hand and talks of windows and hands - and spring of course - and change. I thought it would make a nice little art quilt piece. I was thinking I'd do it journal sized, but in the end, went a bit larger - it's about 10 inches high and 18 or so wide.

The fabrics in the windows are simple prints - a tree print on an autumnal background, a tree print with a sort of sparse autumnal/winter/early spring feel to it and then a spring flower print. I used bondaweb to tack the windows and frames down, then quilted briefly around the windows - and quilted lines in the background, which is a white on white print. I've used pelmet vilene between the two layers (stiff interfacing), but no batting. The hands are angelina and stitched down. The edges are finished with ribbon and decorative stitching.

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