Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday's fabulous fabricpostcards

Okay, I know fabricpostcards isn't a single word (though I've seen it used that way by lots of Dutch & German friends - those whose native languages probably have a lot more compound nouns than we do in English - I always did love that about German, that you just strung the words together to make a bigger word, like bejewelledcatfabricpostcard...) - but anyway, it just would have ruined the alliteration otherwise!

This card, from Harriett, is for an "open theme with charm" swap - she's a bit early, as the mailout date isn't until sometime in March (I had a moment of panic when I received it, I admit). I know what I intend to do, but I haven't started yet.

I also received this lovely flower card, which is actually a non-traditional example of a Valentine's card, and which I love - thanks Beth! Mine for the Valentine's swap were more traditional - red with hearts - but I love this and am delighted to have received it. No sewing Friday, and none today, but maybe tomorrow (Sunday). We'll see.

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