Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let it snow!

Finished the snail's trails today - I found these totally addictive - easy to piece and really effective looking blocks. I might make some more of them (later!) in just scrappy fabrics - I think it would make a sweet quilt - or maybe use two colours constant and the other two scrappy for a semi-scrappy look. File that one under "someday", I think...

Also started another batch of postcards - an unthemed swap this time, and I'll make a few extras as well. Not sure quite what I'm going to do next, but the first step was foiled snowflakes on a red background. I'm feeling kind of wintery - and they are saying it's going to snow again later this week, so you never know! For the postcards, I'm thinking maybe beads and metallic thread, but perhaps I'll come up with something else between now and whenever I work on them again.

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Angie said...

I do love those snail's trail blocks!! And I'm glad to know they were easy to put together. One of these days...LOL And those snowflakes on that red are wonderful!