Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hever Quilt Show, Kent

As expected, didn't sew much today, although one advantage of your 3.5 year old getting up at 7am on Saturday is that you do get an hour or so before breakfast, so I did do a few more of the batik corners I was working on yesterday. But the main quilt related activity today was visiting the Hever Quilt Show in Kent - a nice, small show, not judged except for the "Hever Challenge" (this year with an autumn theme - there's a size restriction on the quilts in the challenge, too, not sure what, but they are all reasonably small). 150 or so quilts hanging, including a few displays by a group or single artist - Annette Morgan was there this year with some fabulous pieces, even Geoff was very struck by several of hers. I love her work - I was particularly taken with one featuring a lot of discharge (snippet of this quilt is the photo on the blog today) - and she's lovely to talk to. I hope she's there again next year - any Hever organisers reading this blog , take note! More photos from the show are in my yahoo album. The colour is terrible on some of them - that's what you get for trying to take digital photos inside a marquee...

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