Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Aztec Template of the Circle Lord

Nope, not some bizarre cult, but a gadget for use with a longarm machine, which helps you do arcs and petals and octagons and stuff like that. It's kind of like using a Spirograph - remember them? We also used a "sqircle" which is a square template you use to make circles with. Anyway, with these templates you can acheive all sorts of fun effects - I haven't photographed all the blocks, though I have done all 16 - too many to do, and I'm not sure they show that well in photos anyway, although they look great in person, if I do say so myself. Also, still working on burying the ends - and we didn't do anything with more than about 4 stops and starts... Next week, I will finish the quilting, by doing a meander - probably with loops in it - in the border and sashing. And then binding and done, hoorah!

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Ramona-quilter said...

I love these blocks. I just got the CL at Innovations Quillt Show in Tacoma, WA. USA. It is so good to see some examples of quilted block. Keep up the good work. And please post a photo of the finished quilt.