Friday, September 01, 2006

Geese are flying

Well, I did get a chance to make a start on these - did some handwork while watching telly tonight. I drafted them up more or less freehand (the "less" being the use of a cardboard "learn to tell time" clock which happened to be around, and more to the point, round...) and then am breaking them into sections and using magic paper (thin paper for foundation piecing - I like it when piecing by hand as it's really easy to sew through and you can leave it in) to piece them. The big challenge is adding the black background, as I have done some very sharp curves... The piece on the left is before the background has been added (there's actual one or two more geese to add to the top) and the one on the right is with the background added. I should add that I haven't chopped off as many points as it seems in the photo, but I haven't pressed the pieces yet, so they are still a little puffy in places. Really. :)

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Anne Wigfull said...

Love the geese, Kate. A friend did curved geese on my quilt when we were doing a Round Robin, she said it was extremely difficult, so I salute :}