Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabric in...

I forgot to show the fabric (not a lot) which I picked up at the Farnham Maltings Quilt Show and Fabric Sale last weekend. The orange and yellow batiks are for a backing for an autumnal quilt with a good deal of orange in it - the quilt is from a swap about way-too-many-years back, and I think needs to be finished this year. The colours go nicely, and even better - the fabric was £2/metre.

The other two pieces are just a few bits from remnant bins which I liked.

And I got a bit more as well - a nice remnant of an oriental blue, which is big enough to back a baby quilt or small lap quilt. The batiks are quite small pieces, but I love the blacks and reds - a bit of WOW and BOB for stash, and the other one has Kokopellis or other Native American dancing figures on it, which is again, something I really like. And that's it - not a huge haul, but good fun, and I'm delighted with the backing fabric - £12 for 6 metres can't be beat - not when quilting fabric is running £12/metre in many places over here!


Clare said...

Love the ladybird fabric. You ought to go in for Tonya's Bah Humbug challenge.

£2 a metre! That's cheap!

Angela said...

I'm literally drooling on the keyboard looking at the orange fabrics, yummy!