Sunday, January 16, 2011

Batik scraps

Today I went with a friend to the annual fabric sale and quilt show at Farnham Maltings, so there wasn't much sewing - a few minutes spent attaching a piece of binding to be sewn down later this week was all. But I did see an idea on the scraphappy blog which I wanted to pinch - I think this particular block would look great in reds and white, and may make some when it comes to that month in the scrap challenge, but I also thought it would look good in batiks, with the inner square being black instead of white (see above!) -don't you agree?

So I decided to dig out my batik scrap basket - yes, I confess to having had a separate basket (smaller than the main one) for batik scraps. It was fairly full, so I knew I'd be able to cut plenty of 2.5" squares from the scraps to get the squares needed for the blocks. And of course, there are lots of other small bits of batik which are too large to be called scraps, which I could cut into if needed, in the main stash.

Here's the batik basket - pretty full, including a plastic baggie of joined pieces left over from some block making some time back. I decided that really I didn't need a separate batik scrap basket, and it should be incorporated into the main basket, and the strips and larger pieces into the main strips and larger pieces places. So, the state of the scrap basket isn't so good (see sidebar), but I did add this lovely pile of strips to my strip stash:

and cut all these 2.5" squares for the Boxed In blocks - which will be a good start, at least.

and look!

That's got to be worth something, right?


Gail said...

Wow, I think that batik block will be just stunning! And in red and white as well! I don't think the scrap basket is in that bad of shape considering the empty one.

Sarah Craig said...

Definitely looks good! I love that batik block, and you did great emptying that basket!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I liked scraphappy's block when I saw it, but the black and batik has far more oomph! I love it


Clare said...

Those colours are just soooo cool! I'm a sucker for batiks.

Somestimes I wish we still live in the UK. Fabric sale at Farnham! Yum!

BTW your link to me should be Blogspot. The Wordpress blog is dead.

Kathy said...

Now, what will you do with that empty basket?

Angela said...

That block is lovely, and it looks great in Batiks

Amanda said...

You most certainly do deserve a round of applause. A basket bottom on full view!!

black bear cabin said...

its definitely worth something...worth a trip to the fabric store for more stash :) I LOVE batiks!!!