Saturday, February 01, 2014

Pink Saturday

February's colour in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Pink, so away with the blue scraps and on to the pink.  These blocks aren't strictly made from scraps, but as my actual scraps are fairly well under control, I am mining my boxes of small pieces (i.e. smaller than 1/2 metre - most of them are a FQ or less) for bits which can be used. Always happy to make log cabin blocks, so here are 16 of them (10" finished size) with pinks on one side and neutrals on the other. 


scraphappy said...

So nice to have your scraps under control. Mine always seem to run away with me. Pretty blocks. Hard to go wrong with the classics.

Karen said...

I wish my scraps were under control. I love log cabin blocks and yours are verry pretty.