Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another exercise in clearing stash

Today I decided to do something that wasn't pink - I've done a few pink things already, so it's not that badly out of control. I have a drawer of batik fabrics, and I wanted to clear it out a bit - get rid of some of the smaller pieces and then put the remaining pieces in a box in line with my storage for most of my smaller pieces (i.e. larger than a "scrap" and smaller than a 1/2 m). So I dug through my larger pieces of fabric and found the perfect thing - a neutral batiky fabric. I used it for the squares that cross the batik pieces and used the coloured batiks in the background squares. Each block is different, and I appear to have 33 of them. (That was the number I could make with the neutral batik I had). Not quite sure how I will use 33, but most likely a few will find their way into my Bag of Orphans. For the moment, though, I've put the blocks into my basket of blocks which need to be stitched together (it was nearly empty the other day; it's getting fuller now with all this pink stuff and the lotto blocks, and now these...)

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