Thursday, February 20, 2014


We finally have set a date to have some work done in the house, which will eventually necessitate my moving from my little sewing room. This means I am going through some of my stuff with an eye to getting rid of it/re-housing it/using it up.  In a drawer, I found this stack of pieced 3" squares - I think I was going to make some placemats with them to practice FMQ at one point (in fact, I think I did make half a dozen or so and then quit).  Anyway, I decided that they'd make a quick and easy quilt top, which I could then border with something recently acquired for that purpose, so I quick stitched some of them together (the others, I have other plans for - watch this space!)

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black bear cabin said...

i cant believe your scrap basket is empty...totally impressive :) and this will make a cute quilt btw...what kind of work are you guys having done to the house?