Monday, December 30, 2013

Pick a theme Swap

Some ATCs for a pick-a-theme swap - instead of a common theme, you request your theme when you sign up, and those in your group (usually 5 people in total) make a card to your requested theme. These cards were scanned, and are fairly 3D, so came out quite blurry, but I promise they are in focus in real life...  The top one is for a theme "must include colourful postage stamp in design" - the stamp is from South Africa...

This one was "design to include weeping willow tree and antique key" - I decided to stitch the tree - and the sun, too...

The theme here was "literary dragons" - I chose to use the dragon from Eragon (I know that's not the name of the dragon, but it's the name of the book...) by Christopher Paolini.  The background is made of strips of a variety of papers, but doesn't show well in the scan.

And finally, this theme was "monochromatic (not abstract) including words or poetry" - I've done a faerie in a garden with flowers and leaves with a tiny bit of found poetry.

And an extra card for the hostess - she doesn't choose a theme (and the card is not required, but many of us include one as a thank you for the effort involved in hosting) - I know she likes oriental things, so I've made a Chinese feel card. Just realised the scan is probably upside down.  Oh well.

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