Saturday, December 21, 2013

Actual sewing

Yep, really. Amazing, I know.  This is just a scrappy block,  as I am toying with the idea of doing another block of the month project (like the Oh My Stars Christmas quilt). I think this is too scrappy, though, so I might try again - I was trying to only use pieces from my scrap boxes (except the larger sizes - my boxes only go up to 5" squares) but I think they will probably prove to be too busy, even for a scrappy quilt. I might make another block from the project in a similar style and see how it works out.

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Lynne said...

Honestly, for the most part I think it works. I'm not sure about those corner triangles -- are they part of the cross pattern or part of the background. I think it could work in a setting like this:

(Quilting on the Crescent blog, April 26, 2013)