Monday, January 16, 2012

Backing for tops

So I took my idea from yesterday of going through all the finished tops and pairing them with pieces of fabric large enough for backing. An endeavour which has been very successful, if I do say so myself (if only actually quilting the quilts was as easy...).  Of the 35 pieces (I know, I know) which are waiting, all but 8 now are paired with a piece of fabric which will suit for a backing.  As many of the pieces are small (i.e. needing less than 1 metre of backing fabric) this was perhaps neither as difficult or as impressive as it sounds.

These four pieces I bought yesterday all now have assigned companion tops - the blue and green at the back will go with the Splash of Lime top; the black and white batik will work with the Scottie Dog top; the green oriental will nicely back the green rectangle top; the brown metallic piece will go well with the Courthouse steps top.

And of these three pieces, two of them have been set aside for backing - the red one, which was purchased with that intent, and the taupe coloured piece with the writing on it, which will go with the HST sampler top.

If you are interested, all the pending tops can be seen by clicking on the Quilt Tops tab at the top of the blog...

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Lynne said...

Wow! That's an impressive number of completed tops!