Sunday, January 15, 2012

Farnham Maltings

Went to Farnham Maltings today, which is a combination of  a fabric sale, quilt show and various other things. We looked at some quilts, played around with some lacemaking, admired some beading and of course, bought some fabric. 

I was very good and only bought fabric for backings - the top photo is two 5 metre (approx) pieces, and two 3-metre pieces, all of which were £4/metre (great price for proper quilt fabric - over here, that runs anywhere from £10 to £15, when not on sale). The photo above is two pieces somewhere between 2 and 3 metres - can't remember exactly, but they were bolt ends - and the red piece is a 5 metre piece - these were all grabbed for the bargain price of £3/metre.

The only other things I bought were two cross-stitch kits for Alex and Olivia, who both came with me - from the £1 bin - and one £1 FQ with writing about birds on it. OK, I did spend some money, but it's all backing stuff, which is great - that's the area where my stash suffers. I'm not totally sure what fabric will be used for what, except the red will go as backing for the red and white top from the blocks I won in the block lotto back in March.  And the blue and green in the top photo is for the blue and white Splash of Lime quilt.  

What I need to do next is go through all my quilt tops and actually pair them up with backings. I have done this with some of the tops, but not all of them, and I really need to do it with all of them, so at least I know whether I need more backing fabric or not - and perhaps whether I can use any of the medium sized pieces I have in stash to pair with the tops. Perhaps that's a project I'll work on this week, in my lack of free time!

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Lynne said...

You did well, and so did the kids!