Friday, January 06, 2012

More sorting

So, I showed this a few days ago - the boxes (some of them) which have my smaller pieces of stash in them. In theory, these are supposed to have nothing larger than a half metre in them (and nothing smaller than about an 8" square, though I'm not exact about either end). Lately, there seem to be quite a few larger pieces in the boxes, which mainly means, they are getting too full, so I wanted to clear them out a bit.  Some of the boxes have fabrics with a specific theme in them, like African, Civil War Repro, Christmas - with those, I don't worry about the sizes, just group all those fabrics together.  But the others, which are mainly colours or more general themes (floral, metallic, stripes), I wanted the larger pieces out.

Doesn't look too different here, but this is a before (top) and after shot - I had two boxes in this colour, so the "after" probably has fabrics from both "before" boxes.  

Between the 20 boxes I have, I managed to remove about fifteen half-metre (or larger) pieces, and actually empty two boxes. And quite a few of them aren't crammed totally full, unlike this box of neutrals.  (I have since filled the two empty ones  back up with "fabric sets" - a couple of groups of co-ordinated FQs, some charm packs, a small jelly roll, etc).  

The benefit of doing this is not just that it will be tidier, but that it reminds you of fabrics you had forgotten that you have!  Which you can then use during the year to make things with. Or that's the idea, anyway.


Lynne said...

My stash is still relatively small and at the moment is scattered around my sewing room in various drawers, although most of it has been dumped in one large tub; DD and I are still discussing how to store it - by colour, by type (stripes, spots, florals, etc) or some other way! It consists of fat quarters, 1/2 metres, full metres, two metre lengths and one lone charm pack.

Jay said...

I agree with the "remembering" what you have!! I like to be organized but somewhere in the working with my stuff, it ends up a mess...when it reaches a "certain point of despair", I need to re-re-reorganize!!!! Yours is looking great!!