Friday, January 20, 2012

A few more freebies

Before I work out who gets which of the other cross-stitch patterns I recently offered up, I thought I'd offer these as well - I had a little trawl through my cross-stitch patterns and kits (mostly patterns, but a few kits) and pulled out a few I won't ever use. The top one is nice, but it's simply not the sort of thing that appeals to me any more. I think I picked it up in a sale bin somewhere. It's a kit - all you need included.

These two are also little kits - the cat key ring comes with all you need, including the key ring and the carousel horse also a complete kit. Let me know if interested!


Dolores said...

Since I just found out that I will be a grandmother once again, I would love the carousel card. I made one not too long ago that was for a baby shower. Your gazebo is lovely too.

Ms. Hennes said...

I would love the gazebo - I am so into gardening right now - I have moved into a new home that has alot of potential where the garden is concerned but right now it is a clean slate - I am already starting to plan the garden out and your gazebo project looks like inspiration to me. Cindy Hennes