Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Red Houses

Finished! Completed tonight while watching telly. It needs a good pressing and then I will have to try to find a frame for it (it's an odd size, so may need custom framing). Sweet, isn't it?

And here's a reminder of where it stood last time I showed it:

Next on the (cross-stitch) cards, something else with houses, but a bit different - stay tuned :) Guess I'm in a house sort of mood at the moment!


kiwicarole said...

This is gorgeous Kate, and it's going to look super gorgeous when it's framed!

Dawn said...

Very nice!

Becca-Lou said...

Oh this is beautiful, and must have taken you many many hours.

What fabric did you stitch this on? doesnt look like the traditional cross-stitch aida. I've attempted to stitch on linen before but always ended up pulling it out 'cos I've just created a mess!