Thursday, November 20, 2008

Word mini

Here's one of the things I did today (told you I might actually get some work done!) - I also finished testing the December bag pattern, but I can't show you the resulting bag until December. This is the top for a swap on the 6-12" flickr group, where the November theme is words. The problem is, I don't really like it! The idea was to quilt words in the black background with black thread, so it was quite subtle, but I'm not thrilled, so I may go back to my first idea for the swap, which was just quilted words on an unpieced background. We'll see. Perhaps it will grow on me.

I also received a postcard today - belated Neocolour II swap card - but at the moment, I'm not sure where it is - the house is a bit chaotic at the moment, as nearly everything is out of the living room while that's being painted - which means the living room is an insane mess (well - all the furniture in the centre of the room with dropcloths over it) but also that the dining room/computer room are piled high with all the stuff from the living room - which is a lot of stuff, as that's where all the kids' games are and most of the toys, in addition to tons of cds & dvds and so on. Only a few days more, I hope, then it will be all lovely and done.


Libby said...

Don't like it?? But it's so joyful! It's cute.

black bear cabin said...

a simple project, like painting a room, can turn into the biggest never realize how much stuff you have til you have to move it all :)
hope things are back to normal soon!
as for your birthday...i meant to send wishes yesterday, but got

Shasta said...

Good luck with the housepainting.
You could quilt words all over the Joy sign.

mumzy said...

Good luck with the painting. We, too, are renovating so sympathize with you on that.

jovaliquilts said...

Love the jauntiness of your joy! The tilted 'o' makes it.