Friday, November 07, 2008

Things received...

This has been a monumentally busy week, even by my standards, with very little time spent at home (most of it at school, with one thing and another). However, I did receive a few nice things in the post in the last day or two - I received a belated arch (September, I think) from my arch swap - it's a two sided arch, and came with all the goodies in the left-hand picture above. Well worth waiting for, both in terms of the arch, and the goodies - thanks to Gillian for that. And on the right, the last of the cracker blocks from the block lotto - now I can put them together into a top for a baby quilt in my free time (ha).

I'm hoping this coming week will offer a little more time to work - I do have high hopes of the weekend, though, so you should be seeing some interesting things later.

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