Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bunch of stuff

Another productive day today - nice to have a weekend with a little downtime in it so that I can sew. Especially in light of how busy October seemed to be. The next few days look fairly busy, but later in the week I hope to have a bit more time to work - hoorah!

Anyway, here's what I did - I made two African blocks (more or less both like this - the fussy cut animals are slightly different) for my block swap with Karol Ann. I recently counted the blocks, and though I can't remember how many there are, I decided I could keep going for a little while before it got to the point where I really had to do something with the blocks. Whew! I'll send this to her later in the week and then it will be her turn again. I won't rush, though, as I know she's just as busy as I am!

The other things I did were some paper pieced blocks - the start of the November birthday block for Margaret - the second arc isn't joined to the purple arc yet, so it might look a little off. Beyond the visible edge is another purple arc, and the block finished in red - the same red that's in the points in the centre - the two reds are actually different, though it may not look it from this photo. And I also did four more blocks for the block lotto - now I just have to take the paper off, and they'll be ready to go when the lotto finishes at the end of November. I reckon I can manage it by then. Probably.

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