Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cross stitch, goals, birthday

I didn't think I'd done much on this cross-stitch until I compared the photos - it's not too bad, really, given that I only have had a few evenings to work this week. (It's my busy social life cutting into cross-stitch time, LOL.) Next week, I might get a bit further on it.

And my goals for the week had a little work done on them as well - not a lot, but some:
  • Last journal quilt - done! I have enjoyed this project, but I am glad I'm done with it...
  • November birthday block - done and in the post
  • coasters for dyehard swap - nope, maybe next week
  • work on Angela's quilt - yeah, well. maybe some day!
Next week, I'm going to try again to get a few things done, LOL:
  • coasters for dyehard swap
  • November arch
  • finish testing December bag pattern
  • November ATC - leaf motif

And finally, I'll show these little buttons - they came in an envelope from my mother with my birthday card - she left me a little present when I was visiting (which I haven't opened yet as my birthday isn't until Wednesday) which squishes promisingly, so I will probably show that to you later in the week.


Vicki W said...

You've made great progress!

anne bebbington said...

I really love this cross stitch design but can fully understand why you bought the 'noel' rather than the 'christmas' version - snow is sooooooo boring to cross-stitch :o) but it will be worth it when it's done

Miss 376 said...

You are going to have some fun with those buttons. Photos always help to see how much progress has been made, it's a real encouragement to keep going

Kathy said...

Re: your birthday present that you haven't opened yet. I did tell you that it was like "carrying coals to Newcastle." I don't know if you can use what I sent, but I couldn't resist them at a craft show.

mumzy said...

Today is Wednesday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Your stitching is coming along just fine and is really filling in. Also that stash is sweet.

You are very patient to have waited to open up your birthday present - I'm not sure I could have done that.

Again, Happy Birthday, Kate!

Angelcat said...

You've made great progress on the Noel piece, every little helps as they say. What a great collection of buttons, love the little fishes!