Friday, November 21, 2008

ATC Birthday Swap Update

Hello all - I have now emailed out the list of birthdays and addresses for this swap - if you haven't received it and you are on my list, let me know! There were also a few corrections, which I will remind you of later in the swap year. The plan, as it stands, is to email at the start of each month (or shortly before) to remind you all of which birthdays are in which month - we'll see how far through the year I get before forgetting to do it!


Norma said...

Thanks, Kate, for setting up this swap and for the promise to(try to remember)send a reminder each month.

Shasta said...

Thanks for doing this. It is going to be a lot of fun.

ANNA said...

Bit of a daft question - this is a swap for 2009 but what about the nov and dec birthdays this year - I am sending them atc's - they are done and labelled with postage already - is that OK??