Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quilting day

Well, I did get lots of things done today, for a change, and despite working lunchtime at school (it was very cold standing in the playground, I'll tell you!) - I put the binding on a the little mini quilt I made as an angel quilt in the ALQS swap (with 9 patches & HST units); I quilted and put the binding on the "Joy" piece - you can see above, sort of, how I've quilted it - a scattering of words in the background, with a textural quilting a little like McTavishing, but not so closely gathered.

And I quilted and put the binding on the Spring Fling Round Robin 2, which has been here a few days waiting for me to be inspired. Can't really show that one, but below is a "sneak peek" which will have to do until the quilt is bound, mailed and safe home with its new owner.

I got some nice post as well - this book came as a thank you from Sharon Z (the American one, not the Canadian one - believe it or not, I had two Sharon Z's in the ALQS2!) for all the work I'd done on the ALQS2 - such a nice thought of her, and totally unnecessary, but I shan't complain as the book is on my list of titles to look for in my travels, so I'm delighted to own it. And the lovely postcard is from Beth - "W is for Water Lily"/ She's used silk flowers & leaves on a very interesting background - not sure how she's made the background, but it's a nice effect - might be a painted dryer sheet or something - or very thin felt, though it's a bit rough for that.

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