Monday, November 10, 2008

Goals & cross-stitch

I haven't discussed my weekly goals much lately, though I have continued to set them in the sidebar - a quick update tonight, along with some cross-stitch photos, and then off to bed, I think!

Last week's goals were few and modest:
  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 8/11) - done.
  • sew down binding on Twisted Mystery quilt - finished, and off in the post. hoorah.
  • quilt Holiday Booty quilt - quilted, bound, sleeved. Now for a label and a few small goodies to throw in with it, then it too will be on its way.

This week, we shall also not strive too hard:

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 15/11) - this is the last one, week 52. Wow.
  • November birthday block
  • coasters for winter swap with Dyehard
  • work on Angela's quilt

And now, for some cross-stitch update and so forth.

Last week, I had finished the robins and the nest but for the outlining/backstitching - this week, I have finished the backstitching, so everything is just a bit better defined. I'm going to set this one aside now until after the holidays, and will come back to it then. In this festive period (ha) I am going to tackle these two:

The "Noel" piece I bought last autumn at the Knit and Stitch show and made fairly good progress on - I will finish it this year, barring catastrophe - there's not a lot more to do - it's just the four planters - three have topiary, the other is a birdhouse (the "E", I think). The main boring part will be the rest of the snow, which is probably why I put it aside last year. (They had this sort of pattern with a variety of different words - I resisted "Christmas", which was a lovely pattern, but would have taken much longer to finish - and all that snow!

The angels I started many years ago - not sure how many - and I work on it a bit each year, though often not much. I don't expect to finish this, I just want to make some noticeable progress. Maybe get the blue angel done and most of the green one (there's a third, in the centre, as well).

I also have a lovely Bent Creek piece with an alphabet and the word "snow" with some snowmen - I think it would be a quick one (that one's not started yet at all) to do - I might do that one after Christmas, when I am tired of Christmas things but still feeling wintery. We'll see. I do love the Bent Creek patterns - just the right level of country and naive for me, and very open to stitch, so really quick.


Cross Stitch For Free said...

I'm eager to see how your angels stitch comes out. It looks to be a potential stunner! It's great that you do take time doing your cross stitch projects.

Miss 376 said...

Well done on meeting your targets, it's always a great feeling. Enjoy your cross stitch

Angelcat said...

You've made such great progress with the birds, it will be a shame not to see it for a while. I'm looking forward to watching the progress of the new pieces though. I love the NOEL piece!

Sandy K. said...

I used to cross-stitch all of the time. Now, I just do maybe a small project a year. After seeing your post, I feel the urge to do something for Christmas. Thanks for getting me excited about stitching again. (my quilting has taken over recently.)
Sandy K.

Ruth's Place said...

Those birds are fabulous,and the NOEL stitchery looks like it's lots of fun.

mumzy said...

The angels piece looks lovely already and I am must anxious to see it finished.

I can't believe how much you get done. I guess I'll have to give up other stuff, like housework and outside work, if I want to do only half of what you do.

Have a great day!