Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yesterday...and today

So here's what I did yesterday and didn't blog about... Made more lanterns. Two of these (the bottom left two) are the ones I did before as samples, the others are ones I did yesterday and Sunday. They are really quick to put together and I think are going to look really nice together, especially with some thin black sashing between them.

Today, I had a longarm quilting day - the first in ages, between my being busy and Lana being busy (and as it's her business, I guess I can't complain too much that she has first dibs on the machine). I decided to quilt the quilt with the 9x9 blocks - I used a variegated thread in shades of purple, which I thought would show up really nicely on the cream setting blocks (which it did) and at the same time, go reasonably well with all the different pinks, purples and blues in the other blocks (which it also did).
I used a pantograph on it (Oriental Illusion) which I thought would add some flow without being too busy - and overall, I'm very pleased with the effect. Most of the batiks were well-behaved, but one pink one must have been particularly closely woven as the machine really did NOT want to sew through it and did lots of skipping. I'll have to go back and do a little fixing in those spots. But on the whole, it looks good. I was going to come home and put some binding on it, but my cleaners were here, so I decided not to get everything out - I'll attach the binding tomorrow. Or another day. :)

One more photo - here's a closeup of the quilting:


sophie said...

The 9 by 9 quilt came out very nice. I like the quilting design you chose for it, too.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I like the contrasting curving quilting next to the stark, but great, squares sewn.