Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let there be lanterns

Spent today's sewing time doing a few more lanterns (some of these are from another day, but I hadn't taken a photo). These blocks do go together really easily, though I notice that there is a little slippage with the longer strips if you aren't careful.

These are two of my favourites so far, though I like most of them. There's one coming up in the next batch that I like even more, with fabric with storks on it, and brown accents. But then I have a fondness for brown, as some of you know.

I used to have quite a decent stash of oriental fabrics, mostly FQs, but between the fans last year and this, I'm down to very little, which is fine. I'm not one of those people making a resolution not to buy more fabric, but I AM trying to actually use the fabric I have for stuff (rather than hoarding) and to get rid of pieces I really don't think I'll ever use. I appreciate that begs the question why I ever bought the fabric in the first place - well, you guys know how it is!

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Penny said...

I can see why you like them, they are very effective.