Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Mail Fairy Strikes Again

Though I didn't sew much myself yesterday (and won't today, given one thing and another, including helping at nursery, an extra four-year old, and shopping for a new toilet) I did receive some lovely things in the post both yesterday and today. The postcard on the left is actually from a few days ago, it's from Martine in France and is part of an open-themed exchange with my group Euro-Quilters. These cards aren't actually due out until 15th of May, which is why I haven't blogged about them myself yet - nowhere near my kind of deadline! I am thinking I may use surplus cards from other swaps, but frankly, it will depend on my time. I may be inspired by something else, who knows. The lanterns are the first arrivals for the lantern swap. Mine are nearly done for those - I need to do two more, probably next week. These lanterns are from Carolyn, and look very nice - I can't wait to see the variety of oriental fabrics in these blocks.

Today's mail brought the above offering, which is very hard to photo graph - basically, it's a lovely two sided painted piece, which has then been cut and folded in an interesting way. Terribly difficult to display and photograph, but very interesting to look at and fold, unfold and explore. Also, the little lutradur ATC and a piece of lutradur to play with (not photo'ed). I really must do something with lutradur - no point having it (I now have several pieces of different types) if it just sits there in a drawer...

Anyway, the lovely work above came anonymously and nearly had me stumped, but for the Norfolk postmark, by which I could luckily work out that it was from Marion, by way of a swap/repayment. I signed up for her pay it forward swap, and also brought back a bleach pen from the US for her, which she offered to reimburse me for in either money or a piece of work - well, no contest there, eh? Anyway, I'm delighted to have these pieces. Hoorah!

And last but not least, these two cards also came today - the left one is also from the EuroSwap open themed swap, and the right one is from the FAI frayed fabric swap. The colour is a little off, but it's an interesting card, despite the fact that it didn't actually fray much. She used batik fabrics, which look lovely, but the close-woven-ness of them probably prevents fraying.

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teodo said...

Wow! I've always stopped at your other blog..but now that I've found out this one too........I'm so happy! Step by step I will read everything! ;o) ciao, ciao