Friday, March 30, 2007

A circle by any other name...

An upcoming postcard swap is on the theme "circles". I've known about this for awhile now, and back in February, while browsing blogs, I saw a great idea for this swap - suffolk puffs with the centres left open a bit, then filled in with beads. Astonishingly, I not only remembered to write on whose blog I saw this idea, so that I could go back to it later, but I even remembered to put what date it was blogged, so I could find it easily. How organised is that? And why is it that most of the time I only think "0h, I should write that down" and never do, and then I have to spend an hour playing "hunt the blog where I saw that idea".

Anyway, thanks to this surprising foresight, I am able to say a huge thank-you to Helen of Quilts & ATCs for the inspiration - here are two pairs of puffs in orange and brown; I'll be doing at least 5 more pairs, probably a few more unless I go mad first, but in different colours so I get to use different bead sets. It's amazing how many beads are in one little tube of beads - and I have a lot of little tubes and packages and pots of beads. These hardly seem to make a dent!

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Helen in the UK said...

Saw your link on the ArtsintheMail group. How lovely to find I have been an inspiration to someone!! Glad you enjoyed seeing my experimentation - love the colours of your circles :)