Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nesting Row Robin, back again

Been a while since I worked on this, my excuse being I was out of the black fabric I'd been using, but today I decided to go ahead and work on it despite that. I'm glad I waited, though - the instruction for row 5, which was the February row, was to do a "plain" row, with nine-patches in the corners if desired (the row is somewhat longer/taller than it appears, I had a hard time photographing it). I wasn't really sure how I was going to interpret this, as I didn't want a plain black row.

Then I happened to buy some fabric in Angelcat's blog sale with the idea of "doing something with it someday" and then reaslied that it would be perfect for this, as it's the right colour (turquoise) for this row. A few funky nine-patches in the corners (using a different black - you can tell, but I'm not letting myself get stressed. No guarantee I could find a black to match the first one anyway) and hey presto - row 5 done. The closeup gives a better idea of the wonky nine-patch blocks. I'm sure the mermaid fabric will prove very popular.

In the meantime, row 6 has been announced and it's baskets - not a motif I would have chosen myself, but then that's the point, right? I'll do a few, not sure how many, maybe fill them with blue flowers, as it's a blue round. At least I have lots of blue for variety. Don't know if I'll do that tomorrow or put it away to mature a little first...

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Angelcat said...

What fun to see some familiar fabric in your row quilt! I think you are right and the colour is just perfect :)